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laser & electrolysis hair removal

For safe and permanent hair removal, see Laura Beasley.

electrologist Laura Beasley

Hairy feet. That’s how I came to electrolysis–I used to dread sandal season and was ashamed to get a pedicure. I found an experienced electrolysis office and now my feet are silky smooth! I know electrolysis works.

After working in the fashion industry for many years I was looking to do something to help people; something that could make a difference. That is how I came to start my hair removal business. I have both electrolysis for permanent hair removal and laser for hair reduction. Laser is great for large body areas, while electrolysis is effective anywhere and on anyone! I enjoy the one-on-one connections I make with people from different walks of life. It’s also wonderful to see the confidence boost that the client gets from permanent hair removal.

Plucking? Waxing? Shaving? Ouch!

We offer both Electrolysis for permanent hair removal and state-of-the-art Laser for permanent hair reduction. We can work on any skin color, every hair color and most any body part.